Cute places in Düsseldorf

Finally the real German winter weather has arrived, and I am not talking only about the rain but about something that did not appear until a few days ago: the snow.


And to fight against the cold I decided to show you some places to eat and drink something warm and nice
Bar Cherie
It is a small bar/restaurant located in Kurzerstr.2 where it is posible to drink tasty coffees as well as to eat the well known Flammkuchen while drinking a glass of french wine. The place has a semi-vintage ambiance that gives it a special charm which invites people to have a quiet and nice coffee inside.

For greedy people this is the ideal place. Here it is possible to enjoy really nice cupcakes and original coffees: latte caramel, expreso oreo… It is the best place to eat the dessert  as they have lot of different cupcakes and macarons. The café is located in Heinrich-Heine-Allee 37 (in Altstadt) and there is another one in Rethelstr.153.
For those ones who are vegans or vegetarians, and also for those who are not, this buffet offers all kind of vegetables, pasta and salads.
I heard that it is easy to find vegetarian things here in Germany, but in Düsseldorf it is not so true…. This is why this place is a good alternative when someone wants healthy food.
The buffet allows you to eat really tasty vegetables and soups, really needed with this cold weather. There are three Sattgrün restaurants in the city, but the one which is open every day is located in Hoffeldstr. 18.
And now that we have strength enough… let´s continue playing with the snow…!!!
Have a nice week!