New tips to find a flat before your arrival


wg looking flat

Although a couple of days ago I already talked about the process of looking for a flat in Germany,

I would like to show you a website I found out a few days ago. This web is really useful to find the perfect flat, not only in Germany but in many other countries.
I know how difficult can be (sometimes) to move to a new country: new life, new people, new culture… That is the reason why I like to live in shared flats. I find them an easy way to meet new people and to spend time with them once you arrive to a new place. The web that I found out helps people in this process. It is called Beroomers and it is a spanish start up located in Valencia which help students to find a flat before moving to another country.

How it works

You just have to go to the website, look for a flat which fits your requirements and book it. I find it a simple and fast way to find a flat before your arrival. I recommend you to have a look to its blog, where you can find advices, where to go in your new city, where to live and personal experiences from other people who was in the same situation as you before.

wg looking flat

Why a shared flat?

I love to share a flat when I live abroad. In my opinion it is an easy way to get to know new people ready to make plans and organize trips and parties with you. I like the feeling of coming back home after a long day and knowing that your roomies are there waiting to tell you all about their day and to listen to your stories. And the most interesting part, most of the roommates are not only simple roomies, most of them become part of your life. They become true friends no matter where you go after this adventure.


Here you can find the links to the website: and to the blog: I recommend you to have a look, I am sure you will find the perfect apartment and the perfect roommates. If you need some advice or you have some doubts you can always contact them by their online chat, it is really helpful.

It is time to enjoy your new flat!


Good Food Festival

Boui Boui Bilk es un conocido lugar situado en el barrio de Bilk, en Düsseldorf donde se llevan a cabo
diversos eventos y exposiciones durante todo el año.

La esencia de Boui Boui Bilk es que se le considera una plataforma cultural disponible para la realización de diferentes eventos.

Durante los doce meses del año se puede disfrutar actividades de todo tipo: arte contemporáneo y moderno, mercados nocturnos, eventos gastronómicos, eventos de moda, mercadillos…

El lugar recuerda a un antiguo polígono abandonado cuyas salas se transforman dependiendo del evento que acogen.

Como ya os he contado varias veces a los alemanes, por lo menos aquí en Düsseldorf, les gustan mucho los eventos al aire libre. El fin de semana del 3 de Octubre (fecha importante en Alemania ya que se celebra la reunificación del país) se celebró el Good Food Festival.


Durante el sábado y el domingo Boui Boui Bilk se llenó de stands de comida de distintos países. Allí se podía encontrar todo tipo de comida internacional. Nosotros optamos por probar diferentes especialidades:

Fish Cheviche of Perú 


Riquísimo. Nos encantó. La mezcla de pescado y salsa nos pareció muy agradable


Empanadas Argentinas 


Un poco picantes pero muy recomendables si queréis probar sabores distintos a los que tenemos en Europa


 Hamburguesa alemana 


Un clásico acompañado de ingredientes frescos como lechuga y queso



Mousse de chocolate y crema de castaña francesa 


Uno de los mejores postres que he probado nunca!!!!. Textura increíble y sabor incomparable

Pero había muchos más: comida vegana, jamón espanol, yufka, espumosos…


Durante el festival se llevaban a cabo diferentes workshops:

– Cata de cervezas

– Cursos para aprender a preparar Mousse de chocolate

– Cata de vinos




Y como era de esperar este festival de comida es el primero de muchos, así que a los que vivís en Düsseldorf o alrededores os invito a que no os perdáis el Abend Mahl el 21 de Noviembre.


          Guten Appetit!!!!!!!!

Düsseldorf Sommer


After the heat wave we can say again that german summer is back so it is time to enjoy it! :).



Last weekend took place the Parookaville festival en Weeze (yes, close to the airport). During two days Dj´s like Armin van Buuren, Aoki, Robin Schulz, Alesso and some others played in front of a huge crowd of fans congregated in this small german city. In the enclosure we could also find some other attractions like a bungee jumping area, a swimming pool, an amusement park and many stands where to enjoy food and bier. If you like House, Techno and Trance music I would recommend you to come to enjoy this successful festival next year.



This is the most beloved time of the year in Düsseldorf. The reason is called “Rheinkirmes”.

The Kirmes is an amusement park located at the bank of the Rhein. Among its roller-coasters the visitor can also find different food and beer stands. For me it is really impressive the huge stands assembled by the breweries. There, you can enjoy a good beer at the Biergarten while enjoying a life concert as well as while dancing in the brewery´s disco. It is worthy to have a walk around and, of course!, to enjoy the night fireworks which take place the last weekend of the Kirmes.


To say goodbye (until next week) I leave you here a  Martin Solveig live session at Parookaville festival.


Cute places in Düsseldorf

Finally the real German winter weather has arrived, and I am not talking only about the rain but about something that did not appear until a few days ago: the snow.


And to fight against the cold I decided to show you some places to eat and drink something warm and nice
Bar Cherie
It is a small bar/restaurant located in Kurzerstr.2 where it is posible to drink tasty coffees as well as to eat the well known Flammkuchen while drinking a glass of french wine. The place has a semi-vintage ambiance that gives it a special charm which invites people to have a quiet and nice coffee inside.

For greedy people this is the ideal place. Here it is possible to enjoy really nice cupcakes and original coffees: latte caramel, expreso oreo… It is the best place to eat the dessert  as they have lot of different cupcakes and macarons. The café is located in Heinrich-Heine-Allee 37 (in Altstadt) and there is another one in Rethelstr.153.
For those ones who are vegans or vegetarians, and also for those who are not, this buffet offers all kind of vegetables, pasta and salads.
I heard that it is easy to find vegetarian things here in Germany, but in Düsseldorf it is not so true…. This is why this place is a good alternative when someone wants healthy food.
The buffet allows you to eat really tasty vegetables and soups, really needed with this cold weather. There are three Sattgrün restaurants in the city, but the one which is open every day is located in Hoffeldstr. 18.
And now that we have strength enough… let´s continue playing with the snow…!!!
Have a nice week!

The fifth season of the year: Carnival is back!

This german adventure started  in Carnival almost one year ago, so after 10 months we are back at the fifth season of the year .
Let´s start from the beginning…
Although Carnival officially started the 11th of November at 11:11, it is now when you can really feel the carnival spirit all around the region, specially in the city of Köln, where I was lucky to be invited to a Karnevalssitzung under the theme Social Jeck.
Of course, all the guests had to wear a Carnival costume.  This Carnival party is celebrated in different places from the city every two days  since last week until the Rosenmontag.
How do German people celebrate the Karnevalssitzung?
This tradition date from 1823 when the first Carnival committee was founded and the first Rosenmontag was celebrated.
The celebration consists in a non-stop party which takes place during 5 hours one normal night during the week. On a huge scenario the Köln Carnival committee (the guard of the prince) share space with different artists: a band, monologuists, well known singers from the region and, also, a Funkegarde (a group of dancers similar to the USA cheerleaders who dance and jump), who act while the audience enjoy drinking Kölsch bier.
carnival cologne germany

But there are not only Carnival plans these days
Last week I also attended to a Poesieschlacht, which is the same as a Poetry Slam, better isn´t it?
For those who have never heard about it, a Poetry Slam is a contest celebrated in small halls where people compete by reading poetry written by themselves in front of the audience, who vote to chose the winner.
However, in this kind of events you won´t hear Pablo Neruda´ s poetry, but a modern, funny and protest one ;).
And after an intensive course about German traditions I say good bye until next week.