New tips to find a flat before your arrival


wg looking flat

Although a couple of days ago I already talked about the process of looking for a flat in Germany,

I would like to show you a website I found out a few days ago. This web is really useful to find the perfect flat, not only in Germany but in many other countries.
I know how difficult can be (sometimes) to move to a new country: new life, new people, new culture… That is the reason why I like to live in shared flats. I find them an easy way to meet new people and to spend time with them once you arrive to a new place. The web that I found out helps people in this process. It is called Beroomers and it is a spanish start up located in Valencia which help students to find a flat before moving to another country.

How it works

You just have to go to the website, look for a flat which fits your requirements and book it. I find it a simple and fast way to find a flat before your arrival. I recommend you to have a look to its blog, where you can find advices, where to go in your new city, where to live and personal experiences from other people who was in the same situation as you before.

wg looking flat

Why a shared flat?

I love to share a flat when I live abroad. In my opinion it is an easy way to get to know new people ready to make plans and organize trips and parties with you. I like the feeling of coming back home after a long day and knowing that your roomies are there waiting to tell you all about their day and to listen to your stories. And the most interesting part, most of the roommates are not only simple roomies, most of them become part of your life. They become true friends no matter where you go after this adventure.


Here you can find the links to the website: and to the blog: I recommend you to have a look, I am sure you will find the perfect apartment and the perfect roommates. If you need some advice or you have some doubts you can always contact them by their online chat, it is really helpful.

It is time to enjoy your new flat!