The eastern Netherlands trip

This week we are traveling to… The Netherlands!


This dutch city is really different to the others in the country due to two important facts:

  • The city without channels: When people think about the Netherlands, they tend to imagine cities full of tulips and channels. Although there are no channels across the city, Nijmegen is located close to the Waal river (a tributary river of our beloved Rhein).
  • There are slopes: Yes, the visitor can go up- and downhill. Furthermore, the visitor can go to the top of the old tower to have a nice view from the whole city.

The old town maintain its charm, although the allied shelled it during the IIWW (it is said they did it accidentally). A good example of its charm is the Grote Markt, where it is easy to find a lot of people having a walk around. I recommend you to get lost in its narrow streets, to enjoy how the fishermen work and to try regional food (highly recommended if you like to eat fish).


It is different from other cities I have already visited in the Netherlands. Its old buildings are mixed with new structures providing this place with an special atmosphere.

If you like shopping Venlo is the place to be. The old town is full of stores. Lots of well known brands have their own place here, that is the reason why it is  so common to see germans crossing the border just to go shopping to this town and to its famous outlet (located outside the city). A paradise for shopalcoholics!

I hope you enjoyed the trip!! 


Subway & Art in Düsseldorf









Last weekend it was the official opening of the new subway´s lines in Düsseldorf, that is the reason why I decided to have a look and tell you more about it

As you can imagine the city hall prepared a huge celebration: music, beer, activities for children…

Maybe most of you are wondering why I am talking about a subway line. Well, the truth is that these new lines are planned since 15 years ago and it took so long to build them because each from their 6 stops were created by a different artist. Which means that each stop has its own personality.

Every stop is work of art. Some of them are created to make us to forget that we are using a public transport, others are thought to make us feeling in the space and the are also stops that interact with us thanks to LED screens.

Following you can find an article from the NY Times to get more information about this modern and new line.

During the opening day we could find out more information about the new lines and we could take the subway for free. Here you have a picture with all the new information to do not miss a subway 😉



Carnaval carnaval!

Da simmer dabei! Dat es prima! VIVA COLONIA!
Wir lieben das Leben, die Liebe und die Lust
wir glauben an den lieben Gott und han auch immer Durst


 Bienvenido al Carnaval!!!

La quinta estación del año ya ha llegado!! Mientras muchos países están acabando de celebrar la Navidad y otros aún no se han puesto a ello, nosotros estamos inmersos en el mundo del Carnaval.

En realidad llevamos ya una par de meses celebrando esta fiesta. Como ya os conté en Febrero, el Carnaval comienza el 11 del 11 a las 11 horas 11 minutos. En ese momento se deja de trabajar (sobre todo en Köln) y se cantan canciones mientras se comen Berliner y se bebe cerveza.

Otro dato importante es el disfraz. El 11 de Noviembre hay que ir disfrazado a la oficina, ya que a partir de las 11.11 la gente sale a la calle a celebrar el comienzo de esta gran fiesta.

El mes de Diciembre es más tranquilo por la llegada del adviento y la Navidad. Pero una vez pasadas estas fiestas el Carnaval vuelve con más fuerza que nunca!



Aquí va un poco de vocabulario importante para esta fecha tan destacada:



La tradición de las Berliner es muy rica y tentadora. Bollos rellenos de mermelada de fresa o chocolate que nos invitan a comerlos, pero… cuidado!! entre todas las Berliner hay una  rellena de mostaza!! Así que hay que seleccionar bien que Berliner vamos a comer para evitar sorpresas ;).

Karneval Sitzung

Son fiestas privadas organizadas por las distintas comparsas donde diversos grupos de música tocan conocidas canciones de carnaval y monologuistas cuentan historias divertidas. Estas Sitzungen suelen durar cuatro o cinco horas (desde las 20.00 hasta la 1.00 am) y son muy divertidas! Además de una buena forma de aprender Kölsch (el dialecto de Köln).


La cerveza típica de Colonia (Y la bebida por excelencia en estos días)


El día de las mujeres, os acordáis? Eso mismo! Este día nos toca cortar corbatas y salir a celebrarlo!!


Último día de Carnaval.. snifff… Pero para que no decaiga el ánimo los alemanes celebran una gran cabalgata donde todas las comparsas se pasean por la ciudad tirando caramelos a los niños mientras suena nuestra querida música típica de carnaval.

Alaaf!! Alaaf!! Helau!! Helau!!

No pararéis de decirlo cada vez que os crucéis con alguien por la calle!! En realidad habría que decir “Kölle Alaaf” (colonia es de todos) aunque hoy en día con decir Alaaf nos entendemos  😉 Helau es la versión que tenéis que decir en Düsseldorf, no las mezcléis.. 🙂



Y ahora… A celebrarlo!!!!!


Sunset and Food in Düseldorf

And once again September arrived…

Some of you have to come back to the office, some others are still enjoying the holidays… and for those of you who still want to enjoy this german sunny days I would like to introduce you some cute places which I recently discovered in Düsseldorf.


Zur Sennhütte 

Located close to the railroads, this small bar is a unique place to have a drink under the sun while enjoying a good conversation .

The place has two terraces, a shadowed one just in front of the main entrance (Rethelst. 96) and sunny one located next to the railroads.

Although it sounds incredible, the place is quite relax and charming. The small wooden tables and benches are distributed all around the terrace decorated with colored cushions. In the menu it is easy to find all kind of drinks and different kind of dishes.  Inside the bar the ambiance is charming and rustic at the same time.

It is a high appealing place to enjoy a nice sunset.


Strandbar Tropicana


Opened from middle April bis October this bar is located at Meerbusch Camping, just in front of Keiserswerth.

Highly recommended to relax after spending the day at the beach. Its looks like a typical spanish “chiringuito”; sand floor, hammock, chill out area, tables protected form the sun by  beach umbrellas…

Furthermore it is easy to find some “aperó” as well as different kind of food and drinks. You have to try it! 🙂


Happy September!!!

Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf

This week we are going to talk about food. As I previously told you in German it is usual to organize street festival during the summer season to enjoy the good weather. Ready to know more about it?

Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf 2015 

Last weekend took place the Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf. I have already talked you about this festival. During two days the Königsalle was filled with stands full of food.

The visitor could find everything. The avenue was surrounded with international and national stands where people could eat german, french and brazilian food, among others.

The festival takes place once per year since four years ago and it is a good opportunity for restaurants to come into contact with possible clients.

I hope that I have whetted you appetite and that you are motivated to take part in this gastronomic event. We read us again next week! 🙂

Food is our common ground, a universal experience James Beard