Discover Kenting

To continue our taiwanese trip we decided to drive to the southern part of the island.

Therefore, after spending a couple of days in the beautiful city of Kaohsiung, we took the Kenting Express bus to go to Kenting.

It took us less than two hours to arrive to this picturesque seaside town, whose lively streets welcome visitors with lights and music.

This part of the island is a tourist attraction for taiwanese and chinese people who want both, to enjoy some peaceful days at the beach and to discover natural parks.

If you are planning to visit Kenting, I highly recommend you to avoid chinese new year and summer season, since the national park can be really crowded and hotels can duplicate their prices.

Ready to find out what to visit in the unique seaside town of Kenting?

Kenting National Park

Kenting National Park (Eluanbi Park) is open from 7 am to 5:30 pm.

This area is a great spot if you are into hiking. I would recommend you to choose a non-rainy day to visit the park, otherwise, the path will be wet and slippery.

If hiking is not for you, you can always either rent a scooter or get a tourist bus to visit the National Park.

A nice spot located at Kenting National Park is the renowned Eluanbi lighthouse, nestled on a green grassy hill. Built during the Qing Dynasty, in 1883, this unique lighthouse suffered serious damages during the World War II and had to be re-built in 1962. Today, this iconic place is still functional and, at the same time, is held as a historical monument admired (and photographed) by tourists who visit the National Park.

Kenting Beach

A nice place to chill and get some sun while practicing different water activities such as kite-surf or snorkel. If you like calm crystal waters where to explore the deep sea, Kenting Beach is the ideal place for you.

Little Bay Beach

A more hidden, quiet place. Little Bay Beach is a small beach located not far away from Kenting Beach, however, this beach is more quiet and familiar than the previous one. Most of people visiting it are just families or couples looking to chill and swim in the warm sea.

This place is also interesting during the night because the snack bar located at the entrance offers live music until midnight.

If you are looking forward to eat chips and finger food while you get a tan, this is your place. Otherwise, you can always enjoy a nice sunset or a drink in the evening.

Sail Rock

Known as Chuanfan Rock is a huge piece of coral reef rock. The name «sail rock» was given to the rock due to its from,because, from a distance, the rock looks like a sailboat protruding out on the sea.

Situated next to the Sail Rock, there is a small sandy beach popular to practice snorkel, since the area is rich of aquatic life and coral reefs. If you are not into snorkeling, you can always lay down and enjoy the warm water.

Kenting Main Street

How many food stands and restaurants can coexist in one street? If you want to get an answer, come to visit Kenting Main Street where delicious traditional taiwanese food stands and occidental restaurants live together among traditional buildings, which turned into modern hotel rooms.

Something that I really liked about this street was the good vibes you could feel in it. Most of the people knew each other already, in fact, many locals owned a food/drinks stand together with other friends, as a way to earn some money during the weekends, and they were super nice with visitors 🙂

Your turn!

Have you ever been to Kenting?

This southern point of Taiwan is a unique place with a lot to offer.

Kenting National Park is the main attraction, however, Kenting beaches and the town itself have some special charm that makes the visitor feel somewhere else.

This part of the island is far from noise and pollution. It is the perfect place to disconnect from daily crazy routine and to re-connect with yourself and with nature. If you plan to visit Taiwan, I highly recommend you to spend a couple of days relaxing in Kenting. Furthermore, locals are super friendly!

Enjoy your time at Kenting and feel free to send me a photo via IG or Twitter. Share this post or comment below if you want to share your experience with us.

Next time we will travel to the north of Taiwan, to the capital of the island: Taipei. Meet you there!







3 curiosidades de Maastricht que no te puedes perder

“Nuestro destino nunca es un lugar, sino una nueva forma de ver las cosas”. Henry Miller

Regresar a un lugar que habíamos visitado anteriormente es una manera de redescubrirlo. Perderse por sus calles una vez más nos permite verlo con otros ojos y fijarnos en detalles que antes habíamos pasado por alto.

Alguna vez habéis tenido la sensación de que esa ciudad que tan bien creíais conocer os ha vuelto a sorprender?

A nosotros nos ha pasado con nuestra querida Maastricht. Nuestros últimos viajes nos han enseñado otra cara de la ciudad que queremos compartir con vosotros. Aquí os dejamos 3 curiosidades de Maastricht que no os podéis perder:

1. La libreria Selexyz Dominicanen

Antiguamente, hacia 1294, pertenecía a los Dominicos, durante la segunda guerra mundial fue un hospital y, tras su abandono, el ayuntamiento de Maastricht la vendió a una empresa que construyó, en el año 2005, una impresionante librería de tres pisos.

En esta iglesia se mezclan habitualmente amantes de los libros junto con turistas que se pasean entre sus pasillos (700000 al año) y reconocidos escritores que organizan firmas de libros. Al final del edificio se sitúa una cafetería donde poder disfrutar de un buen libro y un buen café.

Por todo ello, es considerada una de las librerías más bonitas del mundo.

2. Basílica de San Servando

Este impresionante monumento del siglo XIX está formado por unas grandes vidrieras a las que acompaña un precioso altar. Sin embargo, no dejéis de mirar al suelo, ya que en una de sus alas se encuentra un curioso laberinto cuya historia se remonta a 1885.

Aquí podéis leer el post que hemos escrito explicando la historia del laberinto de San Servando. ¡Esperamos que os guste!

3. Plein 1992

Llegados a este punto os recomiendo que volváis a agachar la cabeza pues en este lugar se encuentra el monumento conmemorativo del famoso tratado de Maastricht. Se dice que se eligió esta ciudad holandesa para llevar a cabo el tratado ya que se sitúa muy cerca de la frontera belga y alemana, lo que la lleva a evocar un sentimiento europeo difícil de encontrar en otros lugares.

Junto al monumento se encuentra además un moderno puente con unas maravillosas vistas de la ciudad de Maastricht.


Cada visita a nuestros vecinos holandeses supone un nuevo descubrimiento por eso no nos cansamos de pasear por allí.

Y vosotros, ¿habéis tenido alguna vez la sensación de re-descubrir una ciudad?