What wikipedia can´t tell you about Lingoda

When you arrive to the office and the first thing you see is one of your colleagues trying to comunicate with a foreigner, you realize how important it is to speak different languages.

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As we are living in Germany we try to improve our german knowledge everyday, however, German is not an easy language (have you ever tried to pronounce Brötchen or Quietscheentchen?) furthermore we do not have as much time as we wished.

At the begining we attended to different german schools, but the lack of time implies a lack of motivation (leaving the office at 18.00 and taking a german course betwen 18.30-20.30 can be a bit exhausting). After talking with some other expats we found out a solution: An online language school. But, how can it be possible? Was it another website where people can only check the grammar?

This language school is called Lingoda. Probably you  have already heard some information about it, however, for us it was something new that stoked our curiosity. That is the reason why, we decided to try it. 

First of all, we created our own profile and we chose the level we wanted to learn. In our case we decided to refresh our B2 knowledge (sometimes is good to review some old grammar).


Then we decided to join some group classes. Here came our first question: When do we have time? Due to our work it is difficult to balance working times, learning, doing fitness and having social life so we decided to book a class one tuesday at 19.00. However, we had to cancel it in the very last minute…

After this awful beginning we decided to check the website deeply until we found what we were looking for: Flexibility.

Lingoda is full of group and individual classes, each of which are about different subjects. The classes are scheduled at different times among the day and during the weekends. If you do not find the right class for you, you can always book a private course. Once we discovered it we did not cancel any other class because we could planified our courses based on our needs and our timetable (yes, sometimes it is good to take a course on the weekend and to learn easily and relax at home).


Our first class was a writting-group with 4 students and the teacher, who was an austrian. We had 5 minutes time to introduce ourselves and the class took one hour. All our group courses where more or less the same: Introduction and 60 minutes course. Depending on the teacher and the students it can last a bit longer, but it never takes less than one hour.

Although each course has a different topic (we learned things about the german education system and how to prepare a job interview) we recommend you to take an individual course if you want to learn something specific. And do not worry about buying books or learning material! Everything is provided by Lingoda


A good point about Lingoda is that the teachers are native speakers and some of them also live abroad, which makes easy for them to understand the difficulties of learning a language. Once we had a teacher who was living in Latin America, that class was amazing. She was really nice and we learnt a lot!

Since one month we are improving our German at the same time that we are learning more about the german way of life (how to prepare a job interview, why sausages are so important… ). In our case improving our german knowledge is important to live here and to communicate with others, however, Lingoda offers courses in different languages: French, Spanish and English, which can be also really useful for our next destination (Latin America, France, USA… As a expats we never know which will be our next stop).


Have you ever heard about Lingoda? Have you ever used this online language school? Tell us your experience!! Otherwise, if you need more information just check its website: https://www.lingoda.com/ and start enjoying while learning 🙂