Le Puy en Velay

Walking around Le Puy

There is always a good reason to go to France. This time the destination was the charming village of “Le Puy en Velay”, located 135km from Lyon. This place is a great enclave to enjoy the nature and, at the same time, to feel surrounded by french architecture.

Walking around the city it is easy to find different crêperies, pâtisseries… Lots of terraces pack out the city providing it with a special charm.

Le Puy en Valey Le Puy en Valey






Curiosities about Le Puy

  • It is part of the french “St. Jame´s path”.
  • Among its traditional activities we can find the production of green lentils.
  • It receives 800000 visitors per year.
  • The image of Notre Dame de France was built by Napoleon by using metal of Russian cannons.


Haute ville: What to visit Le Puy en Valey

Notre-Dame de France 


Beautiful statue built in 1860 by Napoleon III. Up on the top the visitor can have a nice sight of the whole city. The entrance ticket costs 4€.


Capilla de Saint-Michel de Aiguilhe Le Puy en Valey

Construction built on the top of a 85m volcanic rock. It is possible to get there across the stairs built on the rock.

Catedral de Notre-Dame de Puy

Catholic cathedral which contains architecture of all the different periods. It is center of pilgrimage and it is located in the highest point of the city. One of its famous pilgrims was Carlomagno.

Why Le Puy

I could never imagine I would ever visit a place like this one: charmed, full of vitality, where you can be relax and enjoy different plans at the same time. However, I had the opportunity to travel to Le Puy thanks to two people, to whom I wish all the best. Lot of happiness!! You both deserve only good things!!

And for all of you, do not miss the chance to visit this village and to try its lentils. You will be surprised!

Schwarzwald – The Black Forest


Some years ago, during a summer trip in Germany, I met some people who told me how amazing the Black Forest was. So, a few days ago I decided to see it with my own eyes.



Let´s start with this gorgeous University town of Heidelberg, whose old town is visited every year by thousand of tourists. One of the first humans evidence in Europe was found in this beautiful place.

Furthermore, it is located in a valley under the attentive glance of its Castle. Its baroque buildings and its churches provide the city with a charm which can be enjoyed  from both sides of the river.


Baden Baden


Famous due to its casino and its therms this small but charming city is located in the foothills of the black forest. Its cute cafeterias and its colorful gardens invite the visitor to have a nice walk around the city. Furthermore, it is easy to find  the well-known “black forest cake” in any place.



The Black Forest

Although no one knows exactly why this place receives this name, if it is due to the color of the fir trees or due to the Romans, it is an amazing area. Not only because of its size but also because of the nice things that the visitor can find on it. Going up hills the visitor can contemplate waterfalls and huge lakes. The views are gorgeous and the possibility to disconnect walking around the forest is always a nice idea.

Have you ever been in the Black Forest? Do you like it?

Karneval 2015: The 5th season of the year


imageDüsseldorf and Köln get back to reality after the end of the 5th season of the year. After five days dressed
up, drinking beer and enjoying parades the cities get slowly back to calm. Then, after five funny days we
have to work and wake up early again… So, like if this was a time after summer holidays (including a post-Carnaval depression) I would like to share with you all my Carnaval memories (in this way maybe those who do not know it  yet would like to join us next year).


imageAll this madness started on Thursday at 11.11. That day we went dressed up to the office and worked only until that time. From that moment we started drinking beer and eating frikadelle while listening to music. In the meanwhile, we could see through the window how many dressed up people
where dancing and drinking beer in the street. In that moment the girls had a huge goal: to cut the ties of our colleagues and, after it, to leave the office and go partying. (This plan was only for the girls, because the guys should stay working at the office during the whole day).


In our case we decided to join the EigelStein party in Haffen so we spent hours dancing, singing  and drinking beer while listening carnival german songs.

Friday and Saturday

Those were normal carnival days, the people were dressed up in the streets and they were drinking beer and eating bratwurst in the different Brauerei´s stands in the Altstadt.



That days was the Straßeenkarneval which means that it was the ideal day to have a walk around the Kö to see people walking and groups of friends showing their disguise and dancing german music (carnival music which everybody could enjoy because the city hall placed speakers all around the city)



And here comes the most popular day of the carnival: the Rosenmontag. We decided to enjoy it in Köln, but to spend the day in Düsseldorf is also a good idea. The Rosenmontag is a parade,which starts very early in the morning, and walks around the whole city. Every troupe has its own disguise and carriage, each of them focus in a concrete theme. The men give flowers as a present while the crowd ask the people on the top of the carriage to throw them Kamele (candies). Here, unlike in Spain, the sweets are not only for the children, however, the “fight” to get a chocolate or a candy involve all kind of people.The view from the parade with the Köln Dom behind it is really cute, as well as the good mood surrounding the city and it citizens.



I hope I convinced you to join us next year. For the moment, I show you some german songs so you can start training.

Helau! Alaf!




Last weekend we decided to greet our Dutch neighbors by visiting the lovely city of Utrecht.

A bit of history…
The ancient university town was the most important city of the country until Amsterdam received that honor. It is still full of Medieval buildings, however, its more prominent building is San Martin´s Cathedral (Dom van Utrecht) whose tower, 112m tall, can be seeing from any corner of the Old Town.
If you are interested you can also buy ticket to go to the top of it and contemplate the spectacular views of the city.
More than Medieval buildings…
The inhabitants of Utrecht are proud to be the city where the only Dutch Pope was born as well as to have become the town in a cultural city full of museums and canals, which are as cute as the ones in my adored Amsterdam. Next to which it is easy to find different kind of restaurants and coffees.
Cultural surprise…
What we did not know the day we cross the border was that the second weekend of January took place the “Cultural Sunday”, so the city was full of people walking around its streets, shopping and enjoying the cultural offer. We enjoyed a piano concert inside the Cathedral and we could see, while walking, street musicians, models and photo exhibitions.


Our trip ended in Tilburg, in the South of the country. This well known city among the Erasmus students
welcomed us with buildings full of  colorful lights during the night. There we could enjoy traditional Dutch food: sausages, potato and vegetables purée, croquette and Dutch french fries. And after the dinner we decided to come back home to rest until the next trip.



Have you ever been in Utrecht? Do you like it?