Le Puy en Velay

Walking around Le Puy

There is always a good reason to go to France. This time the destination was the charming village of “Le Puy en Velay”, located 135km from Lyon. This place is a great enclave to enjoy the nature and, at the same time, to feel surrounded by french architecture.

Walking around the city it is easy to find different crêperies, pâtisseries… Lots of terraces pack out the city providing it with a special charm.

Le Puy en Valey Le Puy en Valey






Curiosities about Le Puy

  • It is part of the french “St. Jame´s path”.
  • Among its traditional activities we can find the production of green lentils.
  • It receives 800000 visitors per year.
  • The image of Notre Dame de France was built by Napoleon by using metal of Russian cannons.


Haute ville: What to visit Le Puy en Valey

Notre-Dame de France 


Beautiful statue built in 1860 by Napoleon III. Up on the top the visitor can have a nice sight of the whole city. The entrance ticket costs 4€.


Capilla de Saint-Michel de Aiguilhe Le Puy en Valey

Construction built on the top of a 85m volcanic rock. It is possible to get there across the stairs built on the rock.

Catedral de Notre-Dame de Puy

Catholic cathedral which contains architecture of all the different periods. It is center of pilgrimage and it is located in the highest point of the city. One of its famous pilgrims was Carlomagno.

Why Le Puy

I could never imagine I would ever visit a place like this one: charmed, full of vitality, where you can be relax and enjoy different plans at the same time. However, I had the opportunity to travel to Le Puy thanks to two people, to whom I wish all the best. Lot of happiness!! You both deserve only good things!!

And for all of you, do not miss the chance to visit this village and to try its lentils. You will be surprised!

Sommerzeit in Düsseldorf

The summer arrived to Düsseldorf! and of course the city is ready to celebrate it. Last weekend we could enjoy different outdoor activities not only in the city but also in the surrounding areas. Furthermore the beach season already started!! And if you cannot believe it because you think the words Germany and Beach do not fix at all just keep reading.


ADFC Fahrrad NRW


Under the motto: Am Stau vorbei, wir sind so frei! (something like: traffic jams are over, we are free!) thousand of cyclists got together to show the increasing importance of the bicycle in daily. After riding around the city all the cyclists met in front of the Rhein. Many different stands were waiting for them.

It was easy to find bikes´ stands where people could find all the newness, food stands, concerts and many other activities. This event will take place in others cities of the region during the rest of the month.






Kiesgrube Open Air Neuss


If you wanna enjoy a good time under the sun I recommend you to go to Kiesgrube. It is open every Sunday since April.

This enclosure located in Neuss was a nice discovery. Its special decoration and its sandy floor give charm to this place.

Once inside you can enjoy from some drinks and chill out in the hammock while listening the last trends in electro music. In the center of the place there is a dance floor where people can dance following the rhythm of the live music. The entrance ticket costs 20€.





Seaside Beach Baldeney


If you prefer something more relax I would recommend you to go to the south of Essen. The Seaside Beach Baldeney is a cute sandy place nearby a lake. The entrance costs 3€ and inside the facilities it is possible to carry out many activities: volley ball, canoeing, football games and sail. There are also some places where to have meal and some chill out areas. It is a nice place which opens everyday from 10.00 am.


Let´s enjoy this pre-summer time!!!


Probably most of you have already heard something about this city due to its well known University or because of the European Maastricht Treaty, however, this place has more to offer beyond politics and campus. Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Its charming streets are surrounded by antique buildings and cafés full of nice people.



What to see

Vrijthof Square 

In this square was beheaded William de la Marck. T

he visitor can enjoy a nice waffle while visiting the St. Servatius Basilica which is nowadays surrounded by cute cafés .



A huge park close to the old wall who surrounded the city in the ancient times. It is nice to have a walk in it or even to have a noon picnic.



Heelport (The door of hell)

Located at the old city walls it is the oldest city gate in the Netherlands. If the weather is good I would recommend you to walk from Nolenspark to the Heelport. The path is really nice and peaceful.


The antique buildings,the people, the parks, the terraces… It reminded me to the city of Amsterdam. Furthermore I would recommend you to have a walk among the old city and to try some tasty waffles!!



Finally I would like to talk about a charming place. This mill was created in the VII century and, although it is still working, it belongs now to the city of Maastricht and it harbors a brewery and a bakery. Sitting in front of the mill in the small street where it is located could be a peaceful moment for the tourist.



Do not miss the chance to visit this historical place!!


The old city of Trier

Trier at a glance

  • It is known as the oldest city in Germany
  • A legend says that the city was set up 1300 years before the arrival of the Romans
  • It is surrounded by forests and vineyards
  • The city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage

What to visit in Trier?

Porta nigra

The largest city gate of the world. This old Roman fortification was built in the 180 AD and it received its name around 1060 do to its black color produced by the pollution.





In the center of the square, surrounded by historic buildings, the visitor can find St. Peters fountain. This antique square is now full of cafeterias and restaurants ready to let the visitor enjoy the classic german specialities.


St. Peters Cathedral

Built between the S.X and S.XI, this cathedral preserves it original walls.


Electoral Palace

Although now it is a local government office, it is always nice and relaxing to walk around its beautiful gardens.


I hope you come to visit this charmed place!!! 

Schwarzwald – The Black Forest


Some years ago, during a summer trip in Germany, I met some people who told me how amazing the Black Forest was. So, a few days ago I decided to see it with my own eyes.



Let´s start with this gorgeous University town of Heidelberg, whose old town is visited every year by thousand of tourists. One of the first humans evidence in Europe was found in this beautiful place.

Furthermore, it is located in a valley under the attentive glance of its Castle. Its baroque buildings and its churches provide the city with a charm which can be enjoyed  from both sides of the river.


Baden Baden


Famous due to its casino and its therms this small but charming city is located in the foothills of the black forest. Its cute cafeterias and its colorful gardens invite the visitor to have a nice walk around the city. Furthermore, it is easy to find  the well-known “black forest cake” in any place.



The Black Forest

Although no one knows exactly why this place receives this name, if it is due to the color of the fir trees or due to the Romans, it is an amazing area. Not only because of its size but also because of the nice things that the visitor can find on it. Going up hills the visitor can contemplate waterfalls and huge lakes. The views are gorgeous and the possibility to disconnect walking around the forest is always a nice idea.

Have you ever been in the Black Forest? Do you like it?

Cute places in Düsseldorf

Finally the real German winter weather has arrived, and I am not talking only about the rain but about something that did not appear until a few days ago: the snow.


And to fight against the cold I decided to show you some places to eat and drink something warm and nice
Bar Cherie
It is a small bar/restaurant located in Kurzerstr.2 where it is posible to drink tasty coffees as well as to eat the well known Flammkuchen while drinking a glass of french wine. The place has a semi-vintage ambiance that gives it a special charm which invites people to have a quiet and nice coffee inside.

For greedy people this is the ideal place. Here it is possible to enjoy really nice cupcakes and original coffees: latte caramel, expreso oreo… It is the best place to eat the dessert  as they have lot of different cupcakes and macarons. The café is located in Heinrich-Heine-Allee 37 (in Altstadt) and there is another one in Rethelstr.153.
For those ones who are vegans or vegetarians, and also for those who are not, this buffet offers all kind of vegetables, pasta and salads.
I heard that it is easy to find vegetarian things here in Germany, but in Düsseldorf it is not so true…. This is why this place is a good alternative when someone wants healthy food.
The buffet allows you to eat really tasty vegetables and soups, really needed with this cold weather. There are three Sattgrün restaurants in the city, but the one which is open every day is located in Hoffeldstr. 18.
And now that we have strength enough… let´s continue playing with the snow…!!!
Have a nice week!

The fifth season of the year: Carnival is back!

This german adventure started  in Carnival almost one year ago, so after 10 months we are back at the fifth season of the year .
Let´s start from the beginning…
Although Carnival officially started the 11th of November at 11:11, it is now when you can really feel the carnival spirit all around the region, specially in the city of Köln, where I was lucky to be invited to a Karnevalssitzung under the theme Social Jeck.
Of course, all the guests had to wear a Carnival costume.  This Carnival party is celebrated in different places from the city every two days  since last week until the Rosenmontag.
How do German people celebrate the Karnevalssitzung?
This tradition date from 1823 when the first Carnival committee was founded and the first Rosenmontag was celebrated.
The celebration consists in a non-stop party which takes place during 5 hours one normal night during the week. On a huge scenario the Köln Carnival committee (the guard of the prince) share space with different artists: a band, monologuists, well known singers from the region and, also, a Funkegarde (a group of dancers similar to the USA cheerleaders who dance and jump), who act while the audience enjoy drinking Kölsch bier.
carnival cologne germany

But there are not only Carnival plans these days
Last week I also attended to a Poesieschlacht, which is the same as a Poetry Slam, better isn´t it?
For those who have never heard about it, a Poetry Slam is a contest celebrated in small halls where people compete by reading poetry written by themselves in front of the audience, who vote to chose the winner.
However, in this kind of events you won´t hear Pablo Neruda´ s poetry, but a modern, funny and protest one ;).
And after an intensive course about German traditions I say good bye until next week.