Santa is coming to Düsseldorf

It is only 4 days left until Christmas arrives and I would like to show you how we do prepare these special days in the NRW region, in Germany.

As I previously mentioned, the most renowned activity during the months of November and December is to visit the Christmas markets. But, why are they so special? In my opinion, the prettiest part of the markets are not the markets itself but the atmosphere that surrounds them.


Each city has different christmas markets where to find christmas traditional food: caramel coated almonds, flammkuche, anisette candies, sausages and our beloved and well-known Glühwein. Another possibility is to buy the christmas presents there and to surprise your family with traditional german products such as: Paper lanterns, advent candles, christmas decoration or leather bags.



Here I show you a list of some markets I have already visited (and I would like to recommend you):

Düsseldorf Weihnachtsmarkt

Köln Weihnachtsmarkt

Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt

And if you wanna find out quiet and unknown places I recommend you the following markets:

Solingen Weihnachtsmarkt

Leverkusen Weihnachtsmarkt


Navidad en Düsseldorf

A solo 4 días de Navidad os voy a contar como preparamos estas fechas por la región de NRW en Alemania.

Como ya os he dicho otras veces, por esta época lo más destacado son los mercados de navidad. Y que hay de especial en ellos? Si os soy sincera lo más bonito no son los mercados en sí, sino el ambiente que se respira durante esta época en las distintas ciudades de la región.

Cada ciudad tiene varios mercados donde podéis encontrar alimentos navideños típicos: almendras garrapiñadas, Flammkuche, caramelos de anís y  salchichas, entre otros, además de el conocido Glühwein. Otra opción que nos ofrecen estos mercados es la posibilidad de comprar los regalos de Navidad para llevar a nuestro país: Farolillos de papel, velas de adviento, adornos navideños y bolsos de cuero, entre otros.

Aquí os dejo una lista con los mercados que he visitado hasta el momento (y que os recomiendo):


Düsseldorf Weihnachtsmarkt

Köln Weihnachtsmarkt

Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt

Y si queréis conocer lugares más tranquilos y desconocidos os recomiendo los siguientes :

Solingen Weihnachtsmarkt

Leverkusen Weihnachtsmarkt


Düsseldorf Sommer


After the heat wave we can say again that german summer is back so it is time to enjoy it! :).



Last weekend took place the Parookaville festival en Weeze (yes, close to the airport). During two days Dj´s like Armin van Buuren, Aoki, Robin Schulz, Alesso and some others played in front of a huge crowd of fans congregated in this small german city. In the enclosure we could also find some other attractions like a bungee jumping area, a swimming pool, an amusement park and many stands where to enjoy food and bier. If you like House, Techno and Trance music I would recommend you to come to enjoy this successful festival next year.



This is the most beloved time of the year in Düsseldorf. The reason is called “Rheinkirmes”.

The Kirmes is an amusement park located at the bank of the Rhein. Among its roller-coasters the visitor can also find different food and beer stands. For me it is really impressive the huge stands assembled by the breweries. There, you can enjoy a good beer at the Biergarten while enjoying a life concert as well as while dancing in the brewery´s disco. It is worthy to have a walk around and, of course!, to enjoy the night fireworks which take place the last weekend of the Kirmes.


To say goodbye (until next week) I leave you here a  Martin Solveig live session at Parookaville festival.


Le Puy en Velay

Walking around Le Puy

There is always a good reason to go to France. This time the destination was the charming village of “Le Puy en Velay”, located 135km from Lyon. This place is a great enclave to enjoy the nature and, at the same time, to feel surrounded by french architecture.

Walking around the city it is easy to find different crêperies, pâtisseries… Lots of terraces pack out the city providing it with a special charm.

Le Puy en Valey Le Puy en Valey






Curiosities about Le Puy

  • It is part of the french “St. Jame´s path”.
  • Among its traditional activities we can find the production of green lentils.
  • It receives 800000 visitors per year.
  • The image of Notre Dame de France was built by Napoleon by using metal of Russian cannons.


Haute ville: What to visit Le Puy en Valey

Notre-Dame de France 


Beautiful statue built in 1860 by Napoleon III. Up on the top the visitor can have a nice sight of the whole city. The entrance ticket costs 4€.


Capilla de Saint-Michel de Aiguilhe Le Puy en Valey

Construction built on the top of a 85m volcanic rock. It is possible to get there across the stairs built on the rock.

Catedral de Notre-Dame de Puy

Catholic cathedral which contains architecture of all the different periods. It is center of pilgrimage and it is located in the highest point of the city. One of its famous pilgrims was Carlomagno.

Why Le Puy

I could never imagine I would ever visit a place like this one: charmed, full of vitality, where you can be relax and enjoy different plans at the same time. However, I had the opportunity to travel to Le Puy thanks to two people, to whom I wish all the best. Lot of happiness!! You both deserve only good things!!

And for all of you, do not miss the chance to visit this village and to try its lentils. You will be surprised!

Das Haus der Geschichte and more

This week we come back to a place where we have already been and we will talk about a well known annual event. Are you ready?



Bonn – Das Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

This museum explains the history of the German Republic from 1945 until 2010. While walking among its corridors, the visitor improves his knowledge about Germany.

The exhibition starts at the end of the IIWW, in 1945. Each hall talks about different moments in history. Its walls are decorated with photos and videos, which show testimonies of people. Furthermore, it is easy to find lot of digital screens which allow the visitor to play with.



Something curious, that I really liked was the way they separated both parts of Germany. Every moment the visitor can experience the difference between living in the East and the West of Germany.




Düsseldorf – die Nacht der Museen


Last weekend took place in Düsseldorf the Night of Museums. As you already heard  about it last year here I upload some random pictures to share with you the art we enjoyed this time.


Bonn –  Das Haus der Geschichte: Free Entrance
Düsseldorf – Die Nacht der Museen: 14€ 


History never looks like history when you are living through it. ~John W. Gardner