Eurovision contest

Two days ago we were celebrating the europeday and next Saturday we will celebrate the eurovision song contest. Did you know that in Germany they usually make special plans for that night? Most of people organize dinners at home to watch the show with their family and friends

Have you also planed any special soiree? We have some ideas in mind.

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What is the eurovision song contest?

It is an annual song contest which takes place since 1956. Since then this contest is broacasted annually reaching an audience between 200 and 600 million viewers.

Why a song contest?

The idea of eurovision came up after the second world war to reinforce the sense of unity among the different european countries. Its first edition took place in Switzerland and where seven countries participated. At that moment each country sang two different songs, however, since 1957 the rules changed and each country has now the possibility to perform only one song during the contest.

Which countries take part in the contest?

Eligible participants include active members of the European Broadcasting Union, including countries that are not part of the EU. Last year Australia performed as a guest being the first non member of the EBU performing in the eurovision contest.

This year Australia will repeat as a guest (of course! they have been boarcasting the eurovision contest since 1983, so they deserve it!) and there will be a special perfomance. Justin Timberlake will launch his new single!

Which groups participate this year?

Following you will find the eurovision contest official YouTube channel to check all the musicians who will play at the festival, but not without first sharing with you the videos of our favourite artists:




Official YouTube channel

May the best win!!!