Carnival is back!

Da simmer dabei! Dat es prima! VIVA COLONIA!
Wir lieben das Leben, die Liebe und die Lust
wir glauben an den lieben Gott und han auch immer Durst

Welcome to Carnival!!!!!

carnival cologne germany

The fifth season of the year is already here!! Although many countries of the world are still celebrating Christmas and others are ready to start the celebration, we are ready for Carnival time.

To be honest Carnival started a couple of months ago. The 11th of November at 11.11 hour Carnival started in NRW. At that moment we stopped working and we started singing Carnival songs while eating Berliner and drinking beer.

Another important fact for that day was the costume. The 11th November people wore a costume at the office and at 11.11 we went out and party until we decided to go home.

Although December is a familiar month, after Christmas we are ready to celebrate and enjoy Carnival as much as possible!


Here some vocabulary you should learn to do not be lost during Carnival time:


Stuffed Berliner are really tasty sweet buns. Some of them are stuffed with strawberry jam, others are stuffed with chocolate but… careful!! Some are stuffed with mustard!! So be careful to make a good choice when you pick one Berliner ;).

Karneval Sitzung

Karneval Sitzungen are private parties organized by carnival troupes. Once you get an invitation you can spend a funny night attending to one of them. Usually they take place during four or five hours (from 20.00 until 1 am) inside the hall of a hotel/restaurant, where the carnival troup and different musicians and comedians live up the soiree. They are really fun!! And a rapidly way to learn Kölsch (the dialect of Köln).


Cologne typical beer (And the official drink during carnival time)


The day of women, do you remember it? Yes!! That day!! It is our time to cut men´s ties and to party!!


The last day of Carnival… snifff… But still germans also know how to enjoy this day. A parade travels around the cities during Rosenmontag. Each troup has its own carriages and they throw candies to the children who wait for them on the street.

Alaaf!! Alaaf!! Helau!! Helau!!

Do not stop saying it during these days!! Instead of saying hello you have to say “Alaaf” as loud as possible 😉 To be honest we should say “Kölle Alaaf” (Cologne is for all of us) however, nowadays, it is enough to say “Alaaf”, people will understand you 😉 Helau is the Düsseldorf word for it 🙂



Santa is coming to Düsseldorf

It is only 4 days left until Christmas arrives and I would like to show you how we do prepare these special days in the NRW region, in Germany.

As I previously mentioned, the most renowned activity during the months of November and December is to visit the Christmas markets. But, why are they so special? In my opinion, the prettiest part of the markets are not the markets itself but the atmosphere that surrounds them.


Each city has different christmas markets where to find christmas traditional food: caramel coated almonds, flammkuche, anisette candies, sausages and our beloved and well-known Glühwein. Another possibility is to buy the christmas presents there and to surprise your family with traditional german products such as: Paper lanterns, advent candles, christmas decoration or leather bags.



Here I show you a list of some markets I have already visited (and I would like to recommend you):

Düsseldorf Weihnachtsmarkt

Köln Weihnachtsmarkt

Aachen Weihnachtsmarkt

And if you wanna find out quiet and unknown places I recommend you the following markets:

Solingen Weihnachtsmarkt

Leverkusen Weihnachtsmarkt


Good Food Festival

Boui Boui Bilk is a well known place located in Bilk, Düsseldorf, where diverse kind of events take place during the year. Boui Boui Bilk is considered as an open cultural platform. During the whole year a huge amount of events are offered: modern and contemporary art exhibitions, night markets, gastronomic events, fashion events, second hand markets… The place looks like an old fabric which transform itself depending on the hosted event.


As I already mentioned german people love to organize different kind of outdoor events, at least here in Düsseldorf. The weekend of the 3th of October (an important day here in Germany due to the commemoration of the German reunification) took place the Good Food Festival.

During two days people could come to Bilk to enjoy different international food. Although the decision was hard, we decided to try some different specialities:

Cheviche de pescado Peruano 


Really tasty. The mix between sauce and fish was highly recommended

Empanadas from Argentina


A bit spicy but I would recommend them to try tastes which are difficult to find in Europe.

German Hamburger 


A classic served with cheese and lettuce

French chocolate mousse and chestnut cream


One of the best desserts I have ever tried!!!. Amazing texture and incomparable taste.

But there was a huge variety of food: vegan food, jamón from Spain, yufka, sparkling wine….










During the whole weekend people could take part in different kind of workshops:

– Bier tasting

– How to prepare a perfect chocolate mousse

– Bio Wine tasting


If you live in Düsseldorf or somewhere around I would like to invite you to the next food event taking place the 26th of November.

          Guten Appetit!!!!!!!!

Sunset and Food in Düseldorf

And once again September arrived…

Some of you have to come back to the office, some others are still enjoying the holidays… and for those of you who still want to enjoy this german sunny days I would like to introduce you some cute places which I recently discovered in Düsseldorf.


Zur Sennhütte 

Located close to the railroads, this small bar is a unique place to have a drink under the sun while enjoying a good conversation .

The place has two terraces, a shadowed one just in front of the main entrance (Rethelst. 96) and sunny one located next to the railroads.

Although it sounds incredible, the place is quite relax and charming. The small wooden tables and benches are distributed all around the terrace decorated with colored cushions. In the menu it is easy to find all kind of drinks and different kind of dishes.  Inside the bar the ambiance is charming and rustic at the same time.

It is a high appealing place to enjoy a nice sunset.


Strandbar Tropicana


Opened from middle April bis October this bar is located at Meerbusch Camping, just in front of Keiserswerth.

Highly recommended to relax after spending the day at the beach. Its looks like a typical spanish “chiringuito”; sand floor, hammock, chill out area, tables protected form the sun by  beach umbrellas…

Furthermore it is easy to find some “aperó” as well as different kind of food and drinks. You have to try it! 🙂


Happy September!!!

Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf

This week we are going to talk about food. As I previously told you in German it is usual to organize street festival during the summer season to enjoy the good weather. Ready to know more about it?

Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf 2015 

Last weekend took place the Gourmet Festival Düsseldorf. I have already talked you about this festival. During two days the Königsalle was filled with stands full of food.

The visitor could find everything. The avenue was surrounded with international and national stands where people could eat german, french and brazilian food, among others.

The festival takes place once per year since four years ago and it is a good opportunity for restaurants to come into contact with possible clients.

I hope that I have whetted you appetite and that you are motivated to take part in this gastronomic event. We read us again next week! 🙂

Food is our common ground, a universal experience James Beard

Düsseldorf Sommer


After the heat wave we can say again that german summer is back so it is time to enjoy it! :).



Last weekend took place the Parookaville festival en Weeze (yes, close to the airport). During two days Dj´s like Armin van Buuren, Aoki, Robin Schulz, Alesso and some others played in front of a huge crowd of fans congregated in this small german city. In the enclosure we could also find some other attractions like a bungee jumping area, a swimming pool, an amusement park and many stands where to enjoy food and bier. If you like House, Techno and Trance music I would recommend you to come to enjoy this successful festival next year.



This is the most beloved time of the year in Düsseldorf. The reason is called “Rheinkirmes”.

The Kirmes is an amusement park located at the bank of the Rhein. Among its roller-coasters the visitor can also find different food and beer stands. For me it is really impressive the huge stands assembled by the breweries. There, you can enjoy a good beer at the Biergarten while enjoying a life concert as well as while dancing in the brewery´s disco. It is worthy to have a walk around and, of course!, to enjoy the night fireworks which take place the last weekend of the Kirmes.


To say goodbye (until next week) I leave you here a  Martin Solveig live session at Parookaville festival.


Sommerzeit in Düsseldorf

The summer arrived to Düsseldorf! and of course the city is ready to celebrate it. Last weekend we could enjoy different outdoor activities not only in the city but also in the surrounding areas. Furthermore the beach season already started!! And if you cannot believe it because you think the words Germany and Beach do not fix at all just keep reading.


ADFC Fahrrad NRW


Under the motto: Am Stau vorbei, wir sind so frei! (something like: traffic jams are over, we are free!) thousand of cyclists got together to show the increasing importance of the bicycle in daily. After riding around the city all the cyclists met in front of the Rhein. Many different stands were waiting for them.

It was easy to find bikes´ stands where people could find all the newness, food stands, concerts and many other activities. This event will take place in others cities of the region during the rest of the month.






Kiesgrube Open Air Neuss


If you wanna enjoy a good time under the sun I recommend you to go to Kiesgrube. It is open every Sunday since April.

This enclosure located in Neuss was a nice discovery. Its special decoration and its sandy floor give charm to this place.

Once inside you can enjoy from some drinks and chill out in the hammock while listening the last trends in electro music. In the center of the place there is a dance floor where people can dance following the rhythm of the live music. The entrance ticket costs 20€.





Seaside Beach Baldeney


If you prefer something more relax I would recommend you to go to the south of Essen. The Seaside Beach Baldeney is a cute sandy place nearby a lake. The entrance costs 3€ and inside the facilities it is possible to carry out many activities: volley ball, canoeing, football games and sail. There are also some places where to have meal and some chill out areas. It is a nice place which opens everyday from 10.00 am.


Let´s enjoy this pre-summer time!!!

Das Haus der Geschichte and more

This week we come back to a place where we have already been and we will talk about a well known annual event. Are you ready?



Bonn – Das Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

This museum explains the history of the German Republic from 1945 until 2010. While walking among its corridors, the visitor improves his knowledge about Germany.

The exhibition starts at the end of the IIWW, in 1945. Each hall talks about different moments in history. Its walls are decorated with photos and videos, which show testimonies of people. Furthermore, it is easy to find lot of digital screens which allow the visitor to play with.



Something curious, that I really liked was the way they separated both parts of Germany. Every moment the visitor can experience the difference between living in the East and the West of Germany.




Düsseldorf – die Nacht der Museen


Last weekend took place in Düsseldorf the Night of Museums. As you already heard  about it last year here I upload some random pictures to share with you the art we enjoyed this time.


Bonn –  Das Haus der Geschichte: Free Entrance
Düsseldorf – Die Nacht der Museen: 14€ 


History never looks like history when you are living through it. ~John W. Gardner



Schloss Benrath

A bit of history

The Benrath Palace was erected in 1755 by Nicolás Pigage. The Elector Palantine Charl Theodor and his wife decided to built it in the XVIII century. However, the prince spent only one night in it.

The rosy tone of the facade has a simple meaning: formerly pink color was associated to men meanwhile blue color was associated to women.

The garden

The most impressive part of the palace is its outside. Surrounded by gardens, which come to an end in the bank of the Rhein, the palace welcome not only foreign visitors but also everybody who wants to enjoy a peaceful open space.

Furthermore, it is possible to find a huge variety of trees and fountains, all of this created created for royals´ shootings. Visitors can easily transport themselves to the XVIII century during his tour around this huge open space.


Inside the Baroque maison the visitors can find the Museum for European Garden Art and the Museum of Natural History. As well as different halls where the visitor can figure out the life-style of the royalty.  The ticket costs 14€ and the museums are open from Tuesday until Friday from 11.00 to 17.00h.



Do not miss the dessert

One of the annexed building was reconverted in a cute cafeteria where people can find a wide variety of cakes (including the famous Sacher Torte of Vienna).

So my recommendation for your next holidays is to come and enjoy this charming place, to have a walk around its gardens and to have a tasty afternoon snack in its cafeteria.



Three times per year the Schumacher brewery produces a different kind of Altbier. It is the renowned : Latzenbier.


Alt- oder Latzenbier?

The main differences between both beers is the taste and the volume of alcohol. The Altbier alcohol level by volume is 4.8% and it has a mild and spicy pleasant aroma. In comparison, Latzenbier has a balanced flavor between bitterness and malty sweetness, with some roasted malt notes. Its alcohol level by volume is 5.5%, a bit higher that the regular Altbier.

When and where? 

This production takes place in both Schumacher brewery only three times per year: March, September and November. During that day both places are full of people who enjoy live music and the taste of a darker beer.

In the Schumacher located in Oststraße the queue occupy the whole street and they open the Biergarten even in winter time. In the brauerei located in the Altstadt the probability to find a place to stay is barely possible.

A bit of history 

This beer, produced with mysterious ingredients, is supposed to appear before 1838 obtaining its name from the “Latten” or “Latzen” (wooden slats) where beers were served.

Last week, I got the chance to enjoy this famous day. The ambiance, the music, the joy of the people… Everything was really German and really charming at the same time. And the Latzenbier… I really enjoyed it!!! The taste was a balanced between sweet and sour, with a roasted malt end. It was the first time of the year, so you guys still have time to enjoy the next Latzenbier productions :).