How to support local business & organizations in Düsseldorf

As we turn to online coffee dates, virtual dinners and strategically plan our grocery shopping to spend few time in a closed space, it can be easy to forget that a local community existed once in those same streets that are almost empty today.

Local stores, which are still the main drivers of a healthy economy in our neighborhoods, are the most vulnerable in times like these. The drop in customer demand and the payment of usual business overheads such as salaries and bills, can lead local business to a disaster for those which are not prepare to face the storm.

However, to keep our communities alive we do not need to move from the sofa.  Yes, we can support these businesses from home, without any effort and just by using our phone or laptop.

We can help not only small businesses, but we can also help our own neighbors.

Whether your soul is bound to your favorite clothes store or you miss the noise of your neighbors when organizing a barbecue in the park, here are my 5 best tips on how you can support local businesses and communities in Düsseldorf:

Locals for locals

With this initiative you can buy coupons for bars, restaurants and stores in Düsseldorf. This should help your favorite places to keep receiving some necessary income. The vouchers can be redeemed as soon as the stores are open again.

One last thing, this support service has no fees, so 100% of the money goes to the store or bar you chose.

Website: Locals for locals


What about helping your neighbors with simple tasks such as going to the supermarket or taking care of their pets? People at risk should not be exposed to potentially infected people, therefore we can always offer our help for daily tasks thanks to this web. While you are going to the supermarket anyway, why not offer your elder neighbor to buy some products for her?. It is also a good excuse to know how they are doing these days.

You have to register – for free – to use the portal.

Wesbite: Nebenan


A German-wide portal powered by Optiopay and Metro to helps restaurants and local stores. You can buy a voucher online and help local businesses with some liquidity and sales. The vouchers can be redeemed as soon as the stores open again.

You have to register to use the portal. Registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

Website: Hilfelokal

Fifty Fifty

Probably you have seen many homeless people on the streets these days. The reason why this is happening is because due to the new restrictions, the places where they sleep at night cannot host so many people as they used to do.

Another reason is that these people are struggling more than ever to sell the well-known fifty-fifty magazine which usually allows them to make a bit of money for food and accommodation.

Any donation on the website or any purchase of the magazine will be really welcome.

Website: Fifty Fifty

Support Your City

On the website #SupportYourCity you can donate to associations, to restaurants and to charitable organizations which are lacking money in this times. Here you can support the city of Düsseldorf quickly and easily.

Website: #SupportYourCity


Do you know any other website or organization to support the city of Düsseldorf? Any idea or recommendation is welcome!

If you want people to learn new ways to help during these time, leave a comment below or in any of our social network channels.









*Please, note that I am not an English native speaker. Therefore, you may find some spelling mistakes in this post. Feel free to let me know it and help me improve my English skills.

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