5 Bavarian words you should better memorize

I am sure you have already heard something about the Oktoberfest, the beer festival par excellence.

Well, apart from drinking beer and eating sausages the Oktoberfest is a good opportunity to discover Bayern and Munich (new post coming soon.. 🙂 ) as well as to improve your German skills (or you can start learning the language, after drinking a couple of liters of beer everything is possible).

The way you talk to them will make a huge difference

Bayern is a region full of cute cities, astonishing landscapes and… a different language: Bairisch (Bavarian). If you want to integrate in the local culture and to make the most of your Bavarian experience you should better learn a couple of Bavarian words.
Grüß Gott
While in other areas of Germany you just need to say «Guten Tag» to greet people, in Bayern (as well as in Austria) they have their own salutation form: «Grüß Gott» (which literally means «Greet God»)
I mog di
If you meet someone in Bayern and you really like him/her you just need to say: «I mog di» and then.. .let´s see what else happens!
A Maß
There is no other way to order a liter of beer, you have to ask for a Maß
OktoberfestSemme or Semml
While in the west area of Germany people use the word «Brötchen» (hardly pronounceable for a spaniard) the Bavarians use a cuter word: Semme or Semml to order a bread roll
A pretzel is a typical German food staple, you can find different kind of them although original one is the salty one.
Even if you visit other areas of Germany «Prost» (cheers)  is a word that you will listen all around the country. Germans are a beer proud nationality which always find a good reason to toast and what could be a better place to toast than the Oktoberfest?
So let´s toast to your German experience and let me know if you learn other Bairisch words  🙂 It is always nice to discover new things about the amazing Bayern region

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