Crete in 5 days (Chapter I)


We needed some holidays so we decided to visit Crete; the biggest greek island located in the mediterranean sea at the same distance from the three continents (Africa, Asia and Europe).

We loved it!

Therefore we would like to share our trip experience with you and, furthermore, give you a couple of tips to visit Crete.


The third most important city of Crete and our first stop. Actually it was a good idea to start our trip in Rethymnon.

This small city is as charming as its people. Walking among its ancient streets we discovered historical remains located close to modern stores and restaurants ready to welcome the tourists. Do not miss the chance to have a walk around the Venetian Fortezza.

Rimondi Fountain


Venetian Fortezza


It is the second most important city of Crete and our second stops. Throughout history many different cultures settled in it, leaving their trace in the architecture of the city.

The prettiest part of the city is the old town, surrounded by an ancient wall. Walking among it narrow streets and contemplating its pastel-colored houses we arrived to the port, where we enjoyed a beautiful view.

But walking around the city was not our only plan. We wanted to try the greek food (tzatziki, greek salat, greek yogurt…). That is the reason why we went to some typical greek restaurants:

To Patriko

We have no words! We enjoyed real home made greek food. The food was delicious! The waitress was delightful, she also taught us some greek words! We highly recommend it!

Address: Panou Korounaiou 25, Rethymnon


Ta chalkina

Charming place located at the end of Chania´s port. Known due to its greek music concerts this restaurant offers a selection of greek dishes. Do not forget to try its champignons! Amazing!

Address:  Akti Tompazi, Chania

(The restaurants were recommended to us by an expat friend with greek family)

After enjoying such a tasty food we would recommend you to relax and have a rest.

What do you like more, beach or mountain?

In Crete you can easily relax yourself in both of them. In the way between Chania and Rethymnon there are some known beaches where to lay down and have a rest.

In Daratsos beach, located in front of our hotel, we enjoyed one of the most beautiful sunsets that we have ever seen.

Although we were excited about going to the beach (yes, in Germany we do not have so many of them) we could not resist to get lost among the mountains of Crete. Therefore we rented a car and we travelled from Chania to Paliochora among extraordinary landscapes where we had the opportunity to make some unexpected new friends on our way.


But that´s another story.

Have you ever been in Crete? Which are you favorite places in Chania? Share them with us!


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