8 Facts you didn´t know about Germany

Ready to discover new facts about Germany?

1. Germans drink around 120 liters of beer annually per person

2. It is said that the Christmas tree tradition comes from Germany

3. 60% of the most popular videos in YouTube are not allowed in Germany

4. Germany was the first country to introduce the daylight saving time

5. Berlin is 9 times bigger than Paris and it has more bridges than Venice

6. Fanta was created in Germany due to the difficulties to import Coke syrup into Germany during the World War II

7. Each year 5500 World War II bombs are deactivated in Germany

8. Germans have around 300 bread varieties


Which fact surprised you the most?

2 respuestas a “8 Facts you didn´t know about Germany

  1. Hola! It’s funny to read about your home country from the point of view of an expat. Interesting! I hate that the youtube videos never work. And I am sure that the christmas tree tradition comes from Germany! I miss christmas time in Germany!

    Me gusta

    1. Hallo! I´m glad you like it! To be honest I learn something new everyday sicne I moved here. In fact Germany is really a good place to live! Although I almos cannot watch any cool video by YouTube… 😉

      Me gusta

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