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We tend to move a lot nowadays, don´t we? I am sure most of you are also interested in moving to discover new places. And, of course, I am sure you are all wondering the same kind of questions: Where can I look for a flat? How can I find a good job?… Although it might seem difficult I wanna tell you to do not be worried because everything is easier as it seems.

I know a useful website where you can find a lot of tips which can help you before you start your new adventure, and also during you time as an expat in your new country: expat.com


What can you find in this website? Easy; a huge amount of useful information which would allow you to be ready to move and a good network of expat people who will help you to have an unforgettable expat life.


Before the trip

First question before moving: Where am I gonna sleep? At the housing section by expat.com you can look for the right accommodation for you, or you can post what you are looking for. In this way, people can contact you in case they have something to offer you. image

The other common question usually is: Where am I gonna work? Easy, in expat.com there is a section called jobs where people post different type of jobs. You can use the different filter options to try to find what you are exacting looking for.


Welcome home

One of the main goals when moving is to meet new people to enjoy this new adventure. In this website you can find the section events where you can find different kind of events to attend in your new city. It is a great chance to meet new people!


Don´t miss it!!

Handy Tools

This section is really interesting, here you have different mini-sections where to find really important and helpful information such as the best health insurance, movers, advertising from people who already live in the country you are moving to, an expat guide (valuable information written by expats!!) and a business directory.

Foro & Blogs

This is a really interesting section. On the one hand, you can find blogs of expats who are already living abroad. Before moving, and also once you are settle in your new city, I recommend you to read the blogs so you can have a better idea about what is going on in your new country. On the other hand, if you have lot of questions you can always go directly to the forum and ask to the people living abroad. Do not be shy!!. Ask all your doubts, contact people, ask for information. All the expats had the same doubts as you at some point in their lives.


I hope that, after this post, you have realized that moving is not so hard. Here I show you the direct link to the expats website so you can join the expats community and enjoy your expat adventure.



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