Good Food Festival

Boui Boui Bilk is a well known place located in Bilk, Düsseldorf, where diverse kind of events take place during the year. Boui Boui Bilk is considered as an open cultural platform. During the whole year a huge amount of events are offered: modern and contemporary art exhibitions, night markets, gastronomic events, fashion events, second hand markets… The place looks like an old fabric which transform itself depending on the hosted event.


As I already mentioned german people love to organize different kind of outdoor events, at least here in Düsseldorf. The weekend of the 3th of October (an important day here in Germany due to the commemoration of the German reunification) took place the Good Food Festival.

During two days people could come to Bilk to enjoy different international food. Although the decision was hard, we decided to try some different specialities:

Cheviche de pescado Peruano 


Really tasty. The mix between sauce and fish was highly recommended

Empanadas from Argentina


A bit spicy but I would recommend them to try tastes which are difficult to find in Europe.

German Hamburger 


A classic served with cheese and lettuce

French chocolate mousse and chestnut cream


One of the best desserts I have ever tried!!!. Amazing texture and incomparable taste.

But there was a huge variety of food: vegan food, jamón from Spain, yufka, sparkling wine….










During the whole weekend people could take part in different kind of workshops:

– Bier tasting

– How to prepare a perfect chocolate mousse

– Bio Wine tasting


If you live in Düsseldorf or somewhere around I would like to invite you to the next food event taking place the 26th of November.

          Guten Appetit!!!!!!!!

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