New discoveries in Düsseldorf

Last weekend my friends and I could enjoy interesting places in Düsseldorf which I would like to share with you.



This cafeteria located in Hoffeld straße 37 has a varied menu. I find interesting having lunch in this place and not only in winter but also during the summer time, when they move some tables out to the street creating a nice atmosphere to enjoy a peaceful lunch. Its brunch offer is really varied because on the menu we can find many kind of national and international options: eggs & bacon, german brunch, french brunch, pancakes…  For vegans, lactose allergic people or just those people who do not drink regular milk they also have a wide variety of milk.


Café Petit Papillon

Le petit papillon



This cute cafeteria is located in Ackersraße 115. I have never heard about it until we found it on the internet. The local is really small and it is hard to notice it when walking on the street. However, the inside is really cute and its sofas are so comfortable that we could feel like at home. Furthermore, its tea and coffee offer (also the milk one) is really interesting as well as its well known sweets: its cupcakes and cheesecakes.






Let´s finish this tour in the well known Kurzer straße. This time we are gonna go to a small pub whose presence never caught my attention before. The local is divided in two floors. In the first one there is a bar and a dance floor, however, the second one is full with tables where people can sit and enjoy a tasty cocktail.




Have a nice Carnival time!!!


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