Last weekend we drove a car direction north and we ended up in Hamburg, a city where antique and modernity coexist.




It is the modern part of the city, here the visitor can find some warehouses reconverted in apartments and office buildings close to modern constructions, all of them connected by bridges. In front of the port it is easy to find some of the most well known companies of the world: Unilever, Der Spiegel…. Furthermore, there are some nice cafeterias and restaurants. As a curiosity, in this area it is located the Hamburg philharmonic, a modern construction which building costs where much more higher than the initial budget.




This rebuilt building from 1897 is located in Altstadt in front of the Marktplatz and the stock market looking at the dock and the memorial of the World War I.



It is a small neighborhood full of Portuguese (and some Spanish) restaurants and stores. This are area of the city was inhabited by portuguese fishermen many years ago, therefore we could enjoy traditional portuguese food and fresh fishes.


St.Pauli y Reeperbahn

After a short walk starting in the Portugieseviertel we arrived to the most known district of the city: St.Pauli. Once there the visitor feels like in a different city.

During the day this neighborhood is full of alternative and open minded people, where it is possible to find different types of street art in the facade of the buildings. However, during the night this district becomes into an illuminated area full of lights coming from the different discos, sex shops and pubs. Moreover, there is a street similar to the red light district in Amsterdam (sadly I was not allow to enter and visit it because I am a girl).

I am sure that most of you have heard about this district for different reasons. On the one hand, St.Pauli is really known due to its football team, whose fans declare themselves anti-fascists and anti-racists. On the other hand, in Reeperbahn is located the “Indra” pub, where the Beatles played and recorded the demo which got the attention of their first producer in the 60´s.



At the end of St.Pauli we can find this residential area full of stores and cafeterias, where it is nice to drink a regional beer as well as to eat some traditional sweets of Hamburg.




Finally a plan not advisable for non morning people: the Fischmarkt. It is recommendable to go there early in the morning to try fresh fish. It is only opened from 5am to 10 am. However, there is another alternative for non morning people: to walk along the dock until the Hafencity and to try some fish & chips or some fresh fish sandwiches while watching the different ships berthed in the port.



And to finish off a nice weekend there is nothing better than coming back to the charming city of Bremen, to get lost among its streets and to end up eating Waffles in a cute cafeteria located in the old district of Schnoor



                   “I was born in Liverpool but raised in Hamburg.”- John Lennon



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